Learning to Distill at Home

Written by News Channel 2 on January 21st, 2014. Posted in Buying moonshine stills, Copper still kits, Home whiskey still

Copper moonshine still plans

Moonshine can consist of between 150 and 170 proof alcohol when it is produced commercially or as part of a moonshine still kit. Since the Prohibition Era, it has been extremely popular in the U.S., partially based on its storied past. Whether you have an old family recipe or tradition, or you would like to explore distilling at home, you can find all kinds of home still kits to use.

When starting out with any kind of home brew whiskey or moonshine, it takes time to perfect your craft. You may want to talk to others that can advise you on a home distillery kit or supplies, especially if they have developed their own techniques and recipes. Alternatively, you can use various third party review sites to find additional info on Continue Reading No Comments