Stories of Sexual Assault Are Among the Most Common Military Abuse Stories

Written by News Channel 2 on January 17th, 2014. Posted in Legal advice, Orlando social security lawyer, Social security legal help

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One of the darkest kept secrets of the American military is how far ranging and common its abuse stories are. These abuse stories range from those detailing abuse of power, to extreme forms of hazing, to sexual assault. In many instances, these occurrences leave veterans with serious, lasting military trauma. While all are serious concerns, there is no problem nearly as serious or on such a widespread scale as military sexual trauma.

How Widespread is Military Sexual Trauma?
According to an article from The Huffington Post, dated December 27, 2013, sexual assault in the United States military grew by a staggering 50% last year, and that only accounts for reported cases of assault. In total, more than 26,000 men and women in uniform reported having received some form of unwan