3 Facts that you should know about the DITY move

Dity moves

During the summer months every year, more than 225,000 household shipments from the US Department of Defense and US Coast Guard are moved. For any military personnel, military moving is the same and yet a lot different from the ordinary move. For instance military personnel can choose to have the government handle the move or they can do a DITY move. A DITY move, also known as military dity move, is a military move wherein the military personnel will do the move then reimburse the government later. However, a DITY move is more complicated than this, although it offers many advantages. If you want to know more about DITY move, here are three important facts about this type of military move.

First, you are eligible for the DITY move if you are making a Permanent Change of Station move, Change of Station move, Temporary Duty or Temporary Additional Duty move, will retire or will simply move to a different headquarters. The amount that the government will pay for moving the personal property during a government procured move is called the Government Constructed Cost or GCC. This amount is up to and not over than the authorized weight allowance given to the member. In a DITY move, you can reimburse the rental of the truck or the trailer, the packing materials, the furniture pads rental for your furniture, appliances and equipment, gas and toll. What you have to remember is that the government will only reimburse you up to a specific amount or limit. As such, you can use a Dity move calculator to help you determine the total cost of your move. After your move, you should submit your claim for the full amount of the DITY allowance.

Second, there are benefits to a DITY move. Compared with the government handling your move, with the DITY move, you have more time for the move. Aside from the time, you can also earn from a DITY move. Under the DITY program of the government you can actually receive 95 percent of what the government would spend if they will move your belongings. As such, if you spend less than this amount you can actually keep the rest of the money. This is the reason why many do the DITY move. For them it is more convenient and at the same time, will save them money, if not earn from it.

Third, a there are different types of DITY move. The first one is you can do the whole thing. In this case, you can move all your belongings yourself. The second one is a combination of do it yourself and the government move. You should therefore consider the right type of move if you want convenience and if you want to earn money or save from the move.

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