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How do you take proper care of leather shoes? Watch the video on YouTube. New Leather Shoes. Seven Things You Need to Do Before You Wear Your Leather Shoes. It offers some crucial tips to help users take great care of their shoes.
Whatever you do, don’t store them in a box. It’s tempting to store your shiny new footwear in a storage container in order to prevent them from becoming filthy or old. This can lead to leather shoes being damaged. The humidity can do more harm than good. Newspapers can be stuffed into the shoes when you’re not wearing the shoes. They will retain moisture, and will remain dry for an extended period of duration.
For cleaning leather shoes, employ warm water and dry cloth. If you must use soap pick a gentle soap but avoid sponges. Allow the leather shoes to dry in the air at room temperature However, they should be kept out of direct sunlight since sunlight can cause damage to the leather. Give your clean shoes a good polish using a wax polish. Leather conditioners can be used at regular intervals to maintain the flexibility of your leather and to retain moisture. uu7qyyehvp.

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