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House rentals outer banks

The beautiful North Carolina rentals along the Outer Banks could be the perfect spot for the vacation of a lifetime. The Outer Banks are a thin strip of barrier islands that stretch for approximately 130 miles alone the North Carolina and Virginia coast. Throughout these islands, there are some gorgeous North Carolina rentals that anyone could visit. Many of these Obx rentals could be the perfect destination for fans of history.

While staying at a Kitty hawk rental, people could visit the spot where Wilbur and Orville Wright experimented with airplanes in 1900. The brothers chose this area not only because it was sparsely populated, but because it also had sand dunes that helped them to practice gliding and controlling their aircraft. Other North Carolina rentals can provide an equal amount of beauty and historic intrigue.

Whether staying at one of the Hatteras rentals, Corolla rentals or Nags head vacation rentals, families might enjoy visiting the site of the Roanoke Colony. Financed by Sir Walter Raleigh, this site also became known as the Lost Colony after all 90 men, 17 women and 11 children vanished without a trace between 1587 and 1590.

North Carolina rentals could also be a great destination for boating enthusiasts. Well over 1,00 vessels sunk along the waters of the Outer Banks since 1526. Those that live near these North Carolina rentals call the area the “Graveyard of the Atlantic.” Edward “Blackbeard” Teach is perhaps the most famous individual of the Outer Banks, after perishing in battle with the Royal Navy on November 22, 1718 at Ocracoke Inlet.

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