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The various possible causes are so that we can narrow down which treatments may be best.

Common Reasons for Back Pain in the Upper Back
Upper back pain is usually caused by muscle irritation as well as joint and muscle inflammation. Most common causes of the pain in the upper back are:
Incorrect posture. An unhealthy lifestyle that’s sedentary or entails sitting long hours can lead to structural problems in the neck and back. Deconditioned muscles may create a spine that is not align properly.
Unsafe lifting technique. If you lift a weighty object while not keeping your spine straight can put undue stress on the upper back. Particularly, lifting and holding massive objects in the upper part of the body can cause injury to shoulders as well as the upper back.
Overuse. The lower back can be put through more work than usual for example, like spending the day helping someone relocate to a new home or painting a ceiling (working on top of your head), could cause injuries to ligaments and muscles, as well as ligament sprains and inflammation of the back of the upper.
Collision or accident. Trauma resulting from a vehicle accident (car/bike collision) or falling from a height (down staircases or up ladders) or collisions in sports (football or hockey for example). can result in upper back pain because it causes injury to spinal bones discs, muscles, ligaments, nerves, and/or other soft tissues. ugsrn3f6qa.

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