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Rochester public market events

If you are new to Rochester, then driving through the outskirts can give you the impression that you are in rural upstate New York. Nothing new to see here. Driving through the city, at first glance you might think that you have just passed through a more upscale Syracuse. No big deal. The truth is, appearances can be deceiving, and Rochester is actually home to a vibrant scene for music, theater, and festivals. To get an insider’s perspective and discover fun new things to do, you can count on Rochester news to illuminate the possibilities.

Rochester Festivals

Before any big festival, whether it is at Park Avenue, East Avenue, Highland Park during Lilac Season, Corn Hill, or practically the entire city when it comes to the Jazz Festival, you can count on Rochester news sources to give you fair warning. Most of the festivals happen during the summer months, but you can check events calendars in Rochester newspapers to find fun festivals all year long. For example, in January is typically when the Mendon Ponds Winterfest happens, promising dogsled, snowshoe, and ski races, ice fishing, and other fun winter activities.

Rochester Music Events

Rochester live music is a frequent attraction for city goers, and is diverse enough to suit music lovers of any taste. Rochester newspapers, especially the City Newspaper, regularly post dates, locations, and times for live music events throughout the city and all year long. Some festivals feature live music, but there are also a number of venues including Water Street Music Hall, and the Bug Jar, which host big-name popular bands, as well as homegrown local bands.

Rochester Theatre

The last, but not least, entertaining attraction in Rochester belongs to the many local theaters. You can find a theater schedule from news sources to know just what shows are coming up, and at which one of the theaters. Some upcoming shows include…

  • War Horse
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • A Christmas Carol

Some of the theaters put on shows written by local playwrights, and others bring big Broadway names to the city. Whatever theater experience you are looking for, it can be found right here in Rochester.

You do not have to be a local to enjoy all of the local attractions and events. Just a few minutes of research with the help of local news sources will find you all of the exciting live music, festivals, and theater productions that are happening around the city. The only thing left to do is find the time to enjoy them all.

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