Common Mistakes in General Surgey Billing Coding – Anarchy Money

Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t the same type of code that programmers use. Medical procedures that are different require various codes. They allow insurers to decide the amount of money they can pay to cover the procedure. Different medical professions use different system of billing, for instance general surgery billing is different from pediatric billing. There’s always an error in medical billing. This video will show you how to avoid them.

In general surgery, there are certain words that coders must be aware of when they are coding, because if those words appear, they’ll be coded in a different way. For example, open vs arthroscopic. Also, consider the different types of bones found in a spine as they get numbered differently than other types of practices. A majority of these errors will only really happen in the case of a coder who isn’t used to the specifics of general surgery. 38h5uerjo6.

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