Curb Moving Stress with Organizational Tools and Planning

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Did you know that, according to the U.S. Census, over 15% of Americans move in any given year? Moving involves a lot of planning, packing, and stress. In 2002, Dr. Arlene Furton described it as “one of the most disruptive events in a child’s life.” The majority of adults can expect feeling their fair share of frustration, and sometimes even depression, too. American adults can combat depression by making moves as simple, and stress free, as possible. Follow these steps to a relatively painless move.

Start a Binder

Wedding planners swear by them. Even characters in top television series, like How I Met You Mother and Friends, keep a wedding binder. Moving can require just as much time, and planning. Why not start a moving binder as an organizational tool? Whether you are moving long distance, or planning a military move, keeping a thorough to do list is crucial. Put your to do list, and an inventory of furniture and belongings that need to make the move, into your new moving binder. Remember, you are going to have to turn utilities off. Schedule shut off day for the day after the big move, and make sure that utilities in your new home are turned on at least one day before you get there. Keep utility company numbers, and other important numbers, in your binder, too.

Consider Moving and Storage Pods, or Moving Container Services

Not sure what movers to hire? Moving pods companies give you the option to do it on your own. Some moving companies will drop off portable storage units, or moving containers, and allow you to pack it. Then they will move it wherever you want. This saves you the trouble of driving the truck, but also gives you the freedom to move fragile items as slowly, or as carefully, as you want. Also consider sending expensive items and valuables ahead. Cash, photos, collectibles, jewelry, and documents can all be shipped ahead of time, or even stowed in a box inside your personal vehicle.

Stop stressing over that big move. Create your moving binder, with all of your tools for planning ahead, and contact moving pods companies for rates, and options.

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  1. Creating a wedding binder always looks like so much fun, but it seems like it may be a very long time until I have any need to do it. At least my moving binder will come in handy ASAP! 😉

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