Essential Credit Card Processing or All Entrepreneurs

Pci compliance companies

As more Americans are whipping out their debit cards to pay everything from large ticket items to a tank of gasoline to a cup of coffee, the United States continues to grow closer to a cashless society. In fact, since 1999 the amount that Americans charge on their credit cards has risen from 1.2 trillion dollars to over 3 trillion dollars on credit and debit cards.

The Federal Reserve System recently reported that electronic credit card processing has surpassed non cash payments by over 65 percent. And the consumer affinity for credit in not an American trend, either, as VisaNet reportedly processed 4.4 trillion dollars via 62 billion transactions during 2009. So what does this all mean? It means that all businesses, both large and small, must be capable of accepting credit card payments if they have any hope to maximize their profits.

Although businesses will usually have to pay a small fee for online credit card processing transactions, the benefits of credit card processing is well worth that small trade off. Of course, before a business can begin credit card processing online, they would have to contact Pci compliance companies. A PCI compliancy firm will inform business owners about the PCI compliancy guidelines their companies must meet in order to qualify for online credit card processing services. Furthermore, they will regularly assess their continued compliance to PCI PA DSS standards.

While it is rare to run into a situation where a business will not accept at least one of your debit or credit cards, there are some small businesses out there that still only accept cash. The owners of these businesses cannot seem to realize how much they are limiting themselves by turning away customers who rely on the tiny rubber based particles that make up the magstripes of their favorite plastic.

Fortunately, most entrepreneurs understand the importance of Pci compliancy and the valuable services they are providing to their customers, and to themselves. The bottom line is businesses that do not provide credit card processing are only limiting themselves. This simply does not make sense. After all, since when has any entrepreneur started a business with the intention of limiting business growth?

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