Four Quick Beauty Pageant Tips to Help You Get Crowned Queen

Pageant coaches

Beauty pageants are an American tradition dating back to circus leader P.T. Barnum in the 1850s. Today, a model beauty pageant queen-to-be must display her cunning nature, her general elegance and her informed knowledge in order to take home any crown. And she probably can’t get there without a good coach, either. With that in mind, here are four important beauty pageant tips to remember as you prepare with a coach for your next contest.

Getting a full wardrobe evaluation

One of the most important features a prospective pageant queen should have is a gorgeous outfit, and that starts with the right evening gown. You’re likely looking at somewhere between $500 and $2,000 for the gown alone, plus another $400 or so for the swimsuit and interview accessories. Your pageant coach can provide you with more information about the numbers, so don’t fret on financing. Always get a full wardrobe evaluations plenty before the actual pageant in order to prepare the most winning wardrobe you can.

Practicing for the interview

This is the part that stumps most pageant competitors because it involves a bit of public speaking. But with the right training from the help of a good coach, you can familiarize yourself with the kinds of pageant interview questions you’re likely to be asked on stage. Your coach should pretend to be the moderator, firing off questions repeatedly and keeping time so you can learn to speak eloquently and speak on the spot in front of an audience.

Staying up on current events

Another reason why so many contestants fret the interview is because it tends to feature hard-hitting questions about current world and national events. You might not have any base knowledge about these, but that’s OK. Your coach has likely been through all this, so she can help you stay informed about what’s going on in the world in order to have sound opinions on myriad issues around the globe. This is one of the most important beauty pageant tips you can get.

Learning beauty pageant tips from the inside

Look, no one knows the inner workings of a beauty pageant more intimately than someone who’s participated in one — especially someone who’s been crowned a queen. For all the best beauty pageant tips and tricks, always consult with a coach well in advance so you’ll have time to make the appropriate clothing, makeup, stride, pose or posture improvements you need to come out on top. Ask for those insider bits of wisdom; they might be the difference between royalty and rejection. Always remember that practice makes perfect, especially in the pageant world.

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