How Does a Push Back Rack Work? – SCHUMM

It is a highly-density storage solution using wheels mounted on slightly tilted rails to facilitate easy moving. The video explains how this kind of storage option works.

Pallets are loaded and removed at the same time on one side. This results in a system that permits rotation of inventory in a first come, first go manner. To maximize safety and efficiency, it is very important that all employees are fully aware of the usage of the rack with push back. To begin, employees will have to be OSHA qualified, as this video will explain. It is important to use only high-quality and standardized pallets. Otherwise, you could have a risk of having a problem while turning or transporting these pallets. Every pallet that comes into the warehouse must be inspected for quality. When placing the pallet onto the pushback rack it is essential to make sure it is secure and in good order. Not least be sure your pallet isn’t over its weight capacity before you put it on the rack with push back. If this is not checked the rack could result in hazardous scenarios. ip7admd991.

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