How Electricians Wire Houses – Home Improvement Videos

Once the interiors are completed, you are able to see the outside through the interior.

The electrician then goes back to the panel to crimp out the 12-wire. This is the kitchen’s GFR, commonly called ground fault protection. Mark every wire so that there is no confusion when inserting these wires into the panel. Repeat the process for the kitchen’s second GFR.

The third stage is to purchase another 12 wire to extend up to reach the entire dining room. This process can be repeated for the kitchen. Place the wire on the ceiling before laying it on its side of the dining area. After you’ve gotten the proper length of the wire for the dining, go back to the circuit panel again and mark your wire prior to Crimping it. It is important to note your wire’s location – dining area, microwave or nook prior to you begin crimping it.

It’s recommended that you attach it to the trusses every four feet to make it clean-looking. To prevent confusion If all the receptacles in your circuit have been wired then you are able to go back to your circuit panel to label each wire.

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