How Seeking Asylum Works According to Immigration Law – United States Laws

The laws governing immigration in America are often complex and continue to evolve. The focus of this article is issues of seeking asylum. It is a method that immigrants from other countries may enter into in order to flee from oppression.

Two options can be used to apply for asylum. The first is if someone is currently living in America. The asylum seekers will have one year from the date they entered America to file for asylum. Most often, this option is only available to those who live in America with no documents or their green card is going to expire.

A person who was caught in the crossing is another way to seek asylum. Someone in this situation should already be involved in removal proceedings and seek asylum in this manner. In both instances, the applicant must prove the possibility of persecution within their country of residence based onreligion, race or nationality, as well as membership in an eminent social group or political opinion. In both cases, the asylum applicant has to provide documents to back up their claims. For example, if they say that they face persecution for their religion, they have to prove what actions their government has implemented against them.


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