How to Make Adorable Large Hair Scrunchies to Sell – Your Oil

A lot of small-scale business owners are making the most of the new vigor by designing their own fashion-forward scrunchies.

It is easy to make scrunchies on a home sewing machine. The video shows that the only thing you require to create scrunchies are measuring tape and scissors.

Your scrunchie’s final measurements will determine the dimension of your fabric square. Use the guide if you are looking for a stylish huge scrunchie. But, the method is nevertheless applicable for smaller scrunchies.

In the video, the entrepreneurs of small businesses are asked to attach their personal fabric tags on the front of their scrunchie. It allows them to display their merchandise directly on the heads of their customers . It also gives their final product a professional look.

Scrunchies are so easy to create since the style is based on a rectangle piece of fabric, and converts it into an elegant, circular hair piece. To get the result you desire, you don’t need to stitch around curves or create a complicated design. zkyzjbt5tu.

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