How to Prepare for Maternity Photoshoot Sessions – My Maternity Photography

The photos can remain unframed without frames. If you are not in need of vision therapy, it is recommended to wear contacts for the photo shoot. They can add an extra polished look to your pictures.

Consult your photographer on how to best position yourself for a photoshoot. You and your partner will be in the most ideal positions to take an amazing maternity shoot.

Request Accommodations

If you’re in the process of having dental treatment and can’t smile with your teeth, or you have vision therapy that requires you glasses, make certain to inquire with the photographer for any special arrangements they may be able to accommodate for. It will help ensure you get the best possible images on the day of your prenatal photoshoot!

It’s also recommended to inquire about your photographer prior to your visit if there are any other questions, for example, disabilities with mobility or have a kid with you. This ensures that you have the best experience possible and get amazing photos!

Invite Your Partner to Take Part

If you’re considering having your partner join in on the photoshoot for your maternity, be sure you’ve discussed this with the couple prior to time. Talking to your partner can aid you both to determine how they’d like to be involved in the shoot. Additionally, it’s important to discuss how you prefer to be represented in the photos so that everyone is content with the end result.

If you are planning a photo shoot that is special, it is best to plan your photoshoot together. If, for instance, you want your partner to be active, create actions or poses that you can do together such as having them rub your stomach or hold your hand. These will result in some truly special pictures of both of you!

Plan For Transportation

Some photoshoots will take place outdoors, which is why, it’s important to prepare for transport. If you’re taking a car to get there, you should be prepared.


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