How to Stay Within Budget When Replacing Your Kitchen Counters – Benro Properties

C, porcelain and laminates are among the least expensive options but they aren’t appealing to everybody who wants to save money. They’re not as well-known like other countertop options as well as suffer from selling value. Another way to get a new countertops in the kitchen on a tight budget is to choose an affordable but high-quality material.

Take wood, for example. While mahogany, teak, as well as walnut aren’t exactly the most affordable wood species, French oak, acacia the maple, bamboo, and French oak are affordable as well as attractive. Another option is inexpensive Corian solid surface countertops made by competitors such as Avonite or LG HI-MACS. A slab yard or fabricator usually have reasonable prices on the leftover granite when the stone is needed. The leftovers of large granite slabs is referred to “remnant granite”. When a granite slab costs an average of $40 to $60 per square foot, remnants can go for as little as 10 to $35 for a square foot. They look stunning as a countertop for a kitchen, and as stunning backsplash for kitchens.


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