How to take diversity and inclusion in the workplace more seriously – Culture Forum

The workplace environment is one of the most important and challenging issues. Though diversity may pose a challenge for businesses, this YouTube video shows that it can also be advantageous to have a productive and positive attitude towards workplace diversity. Many people roll their eyes at the notion of inclusion or diversity and dismiss the idea as a trend and a modern ‘snowflake’ attitude. It is a problem at work, which can harm the image of companies and reduces productivity.

This video provides a brief overview of the steps managers and business leaders can follow to encourage workplace diversity , and also be more welcoming. It also goes over what benefits come with the diversity and unity of a workplace , and the goals that businesses could set to have more success in an increasingly competitive market. This is a wonderful intro video that hits on a very important topic that needs more attention and that needs to be embraced by all businesses all over the world. 5lpiywe2uu.

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