How to Wire a C13 Plug – CEE News

Have you ever thought about how to wire an C13 plug? This video will show you how to connect an IEC security lock C13 power connector. The video guides us through the process step by step and show how to accomplish to connect the connector successfully. This particular project was designed the work of a potential client, he says. He’ll make the 50-foot power cord. The client actually asked for certain parts that he is employing.

The professionals should be able to handle this kind of job, particularly those who don’t have knowledge of wiring. Hiring a professional can ensure you’re secure and your safety is assured when you are using the cord. There are certain items of equipment that you require in order to successfully complete this job. You can see him using a wire stripper to cut the ends of the wiring protectors to make sure he is able to connect electrically between two parts. It is essential to get your wires connected to each other. This is a crucial stage.

This video walks you through the complete procedure from connecting a locked IL13 to a 16/3 IEC cable, and then rewiring the C13 IEC plug.


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