Interesting Facts for Those Who are Divorcing in Pittsfield

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If you are interested in the subject of marriage and divorce and you live in Pittsfield, you will find the following information interesting. There was a study done in Norway in 2012 on the divorce rate among couples who did and did not divide household chores equally. It turns out, when the wife handled all the housework the divorce rate was twice as low than when household chores were divided with the husband. That pretty much tells us that women who stay home and run the house enjoy a lower divorce rate. Don’t tell the modern woman that though. She’s likely to bite your head off, that is, if you are a man.

There was another study done in Cincinnati in 2012. The results of that study found more men than women turn to drinking after a divorce. A divorce lawyer Pittsfield may also vouch for that fact.
A divorce lawyer Pittsfield can also tell you that a little over 7 out of 10 third marriages end in divorce. The chances for another divorce is higher if you get married again. A Massachusetts divorce lawyer is also a family lawyer. You can find one by looking in a Massachusetts family lawyer directory. This is the area of law that deals with family matters like divorce and child custody cases.

Most jurisdictions in the U.S. have crowded family court dockets. Child custody lawyers in Massachusetts are in high demand, as is the divorce lawyer pittsfield. If you are lokoing for a good divorce attorney Massachusetts, you can find a good divorce lawyer Pittsfield. Lawyers that handle family law Berkshire are also available.

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