Patient Engagement Systems Bring More Satisfaction to Healthcare Patients

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It is estimated that over 2 million visits to the doctor occur in the United States each day. According to a recent Business Wire report, 64% of patients with American healthcare wait less than 15 minutes int he waiting room for their doctor. According to the Beckers Hospital review, Americans are the most pessimistic about the future of their healthcare system in comparison to any other country. Additionally, 26% of patients with American healthcare wish their healthcare providers were caught up on current healthcare trends.

This large amount of American patients expressing their dissatisfaction with their healthcare provider is understood through the patient engagement systems used for understanding and improving patient satisfaction. The patient engagement definition involves a process in which patients become invested in their own care. This patient engagement definition develops naturally when there is healthy, regular, and centered communication between the patient and healthcare provider. Patients who are involved and engaged in their own care allows for fewer demands on the healthcare system and more importantly, allows the patients to experience more satisfaction overall with their healthcare provider.

Perhaps the recent utilization of these patient engagements are already providing beneficial results. According to HawkPartners/ICARE Global Patient Pulse, in February of 2012, 86 percent of patients in the U.S. are satisfied with the care they receive from nurses. Also, Recent research proves that informed and engaged patients take a more active role in their own care. By working together, patients and their doctors can share an understanding and commitment to achieving the best possible health outcomes. More information like this:

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