Productos Agricolas de LatinoAmerica Are More Important to the World Than Ever

International trading company

Especially here in the United States, finding cheap importers of a wide variety of agricultural products is the key to our living comfortably. Consider, the Farm Bill as established in the United States makes it so that corn and sugar crop farmers are subsidized, making products made from those things extremely cheap. What sorts of products are made from corn and sugar? Fast food and highly processed products. On the other hand, tomatoes, bell peppers, and other unprocessed fruits and vegetables are considered to be specialty crops, ineligible for government subsidies. Where can Americans turn for affordable produce from the dirt, land, and sea? They can turn toward an international trading company specializing in productos agricolas de LatinoAmerica.

Fruits and Vegetables

According to the Nanaimo News, agricultural products Latin America produces are among its chief exports, earning the country billions in essential revenue. Recent statistics show that a consortium of thousands of agricultural trading companies in Latin America, as many as 20,000, generate well over 2.6 million tons of exported fruits and vegetables to the United States every year, according to The Packer. Blueberries, cherries, nuts, and avocados make up the biggest exports from places like Chile.

One of the most important exported productos agricolas de LatinoAmerica is the soybean. Soybean trading companies in Latin America are able to export their goods to producers in Asia looking to make soy sauce and tofu. In America, soy is used for plastics and for the development of biodiesels at universities, like Iowa State. Brazil, the world’s second largest producer of soybeans, produces over 75 million tons every year.

Beef, Pork, and Poultry

As the numbers from MBendi show, the majority of productos agricolas de LatinoAmerica go toward domestic markets, but a huge amount of product is shipped internationally. Beef, for example, makes up a large part of crucial exports for many an agricultural trading company in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Columbia. While an important stream of income for these countries, this meat production is an affordable source for cash-strapped Americans.


An increasingly popular productos agricolas de LatinoAmerica, farm-raised seafood is used to provide the world with a steady, sustainable source of quality, healthy fish, shellfish, and other edible treasures from the ocean. According to, Chilean farmers of mussels, salmon, and shrimp are among the most important providers in the world. The country has seen a 72% spike in sales in recent history, making it a central provider to its citizens and international neighbors.

As you can see, productos agricolas de LatinoAmerica allow Americans to have easier, more affordable access to the foods we need for a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The next time you see “Chile” printed on a bag of salmon, for example, remember that it is not a cause for alarm but something to be appreciated. If productos agricolas de LatinoAmerica are the way to a healthy lifestyle, then why not use them?

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