Questions About Occupational Therapy – Biology of Aging

The elderly, children and adults are able to be assisted with their motor skills for example, picking up or feeding themselves. They also assist in dressing and mobility. People who’ve suffered an injury or have had surgeries can be helped to heal by the use of cognitive therapy as well as exercises. Additionally, they assist patients in learning new techniques. They can help people handicapped learn cook, or to use their motor skills to get to the school.

A therapist who is occupational can assist children that are suffering from sensory or motor issues. They are often working with autistic children who were diagnosed by their physician and directed to them. They cannot diagnose a condition. People suffering from brain injuries, ADD and other genetic ailments are helped by their. Their overall goal is to help patients who need help from illnesses, surgery or disabilities that affect motor and speech skills and everyday activities to improve independent life skills. 4njurw4zov.

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