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Web design companies providing email hosting services follow the industry standard for encrypting email messages. The industry standard for email encryption is a 128 bit encryption system. Securing data moving to and from a server requires an encryption system to avoid potential cyber threats. Rochester web design companies offer email services with secure encryption systems to ensure their client’s do not experience any cyber threats. Recent studies show companies with 1000 employees or more spending around 3 million dollars every year just to stop and control spam messages. Every single day there are 294 billion email messages sent, which is roughly 2.8 million messages sent every single second.

Rochester web development companies offer plenty of solutions for email hosting. Some Rochester web design companies offer auto responders and additional email software for internet marketers. In 1971, the first ARPANET email message was sent. ARPANET came before our modern day internet and was used in the military sector. Home Simpson’s email address received too many emails to manage after a 2003 episode. Recent studies show around 90 percent of all email sent ends up in the spam box. Rochester web design companies offer spam filters with their email hosting services.

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