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It’s located an area in rural East Central Mississippi. Dan approached his buddy and asked him to make green onion sausages for him at the house. Green onion sausages were created by using Dan’s Haaka Brother Sausage Stuffer as well as the Weston 8 Meat Grinder. They also used sausage stuffer materials.

Dan talked about why his 3-year-old Haaka Brother Sausage Stuffer seemed as new and explained how he kept it working well. He is a fan of the sausage stuffer but would prefer to have bought more of a bigger version. Following each use cleaning, he rinses off all components of his sausage stuffer grinder. In the end, he sprays the mechanical parts with food-grade silicone spray. It helps keep machines functioning smoothly He says. He’s processed nearly 400 pounds of sausage with both equipment and sausage stuffers.

In order to seal the seasonings of his sausages, he employs the FoodSaver. Seasonings can be kept by vacuum sealing them. They will last a considerable amount of time. After the sausage is sealed, it is able to be kept in the freezer all year long. He allows the sausage to cool in the fridge prior to vacuum packaging it. The sausage is vacuum sealed in bags that belong his sausage stuffer supplies. bwe31g8ize.

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