Sick of Your Hose Clamps Rusting? Consider Investing in Plastic Hose Clamps

High pressure hose clamps

When it comes to hose clamps and water, the idea hose clamps aren’t made of metal. With most hose clamp applications, the clamp will experience a good deal of water during its use. Metal hose clamps are susceptible to rust, causing them to break down and not clamp tight enough. In such cases, plastic hose clamps are much more reliable, and last far longer than traditional metal hose clamps.

You may think that plastic hose clamps aren’t strong enough or fit for heavy duty applications; however, many hose clamps types, that are made of plastic, are strong enough for heavy duty applications, and are utilized for a number of applications. Heavy duty hose clamps that are made of plastic are great for plumbing applications that are submerged in water such as a sump tank. Additionally, many people use plastic clamps for marine environments. Many marine tanks require salt water, which can quickly rust metal clamps, causing them to break down and pollute the marine environment. Instead, a plastic clamp will grip tight with no slippage, and can last for several years.

If you’re a fan of metal clamps, be sure to utilize stainless hose clamps when the clamp is submerged in, or comes in contact with water. For smaller applications, you can also use plastic zip ties to clamp a hose, but plastic zip ties are not as durable as actual hose clamps, and the plastic can stretch after a period of time, causing a unreliable clamp. References.

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