Stay Safe When Handling Electricity at Work

Cable gland

Did you know that, in any given year, electrical shock leads to 1,000 American deaths, and another 30,000 U.S. men and women sustain non-fatal shock-related injuries? Damaged, frayed, or worn wires increase the likelihood of workplace fires, electrical accidents, and related injuries. What small tools keep workers, whether in an office or industrial setting, safe?

Conduit, Conduit Bushing, and Grommets

Conduit wraps around wires or cables to protect circuits from the elements, small animals’ sharp teeth, or even from harmful magnetism. Conduit is sold in flexible and rigid forms, and most often used in basements, attics, garages, or in outdoor applications. Most conduit requires some kind of conduit bushing. Conduit bushing fits over the end of conduit to protect wires from sharp metal edges. Bushing is typically made from plastic, and helps hold cables and wires securely in place, should they need to be adjusted.

Similarly, running wires through desk grommets prevents fraying, wear, and abrasion. Rubber grommets are most popular. These grommets, typically used in workplace applications and referred to as desk grommets, are durable and often withstand their original shape even under pressure.

Zip Ties

The airline industry first used zip ties, also commonly referred to as hose ties and cable ties, to group early plane wires and fasten them into place. Today, zip ties are used in thousands of commercial industries, and for, more or less, the same purpose. Stainless steel zip ties, for example, are flame resistant and can be used to withstand high temperatures. Police and military officials, on the other hand, may use thick nylon zip ties as makeshift handcuffs, called PlastiCuffs. Workers can use a cable tie gun for fast, efficient application. Cable tie guns reliably and quickly cut, place, and fasten ties. Most feature adjustable tension or bundling pressure to ensure safety and accuracy.

Handling electricity, directly or indirectly, can be extremely dangerous. Keep workers safe by protecting wires with conduit and grommets, and fasten cables securely in place with sturdy cable ties. Check out this site for more.

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