The Best Camping Experience for Your Family

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Camping is truly a great American pastime, and can be incredibly rewarding for families. Simply disconnecting from TV and video games and spending some time together in the natural world can help families to reconnect and relax. Granted, camping no longer necessarily means roughing it in a tent without running water or electricity. In fact, camping can be a very comfortable, even luxurious experience. Family camping is a wonderful experience, and can mean anything from pitching a tent in the wilderness to parking in one of the best RV campgrounds and enjoying many of the comforts of home.

Why Go Camping?

According to research by the American Camp Association, 74% percent of campers try new activities while camping that they were originally afraid to do. Camping is also a great opportunity for families to learn new things together, a chance that rarely presents itself. Camping experiences are a great way to try new things and take chances, all while learning about and enjoying a beautiful, natural environment.

Where Should We Go?

If you aren’t quite ready to haul out into the woods and set up a site, consider one of the cool campsites and RV campgrounds sprinkled around your area. Some of the best camping sites are part of organized RV parks and can provide a great first experience. It might also be wise, if you’re camping with young children, to spend a night in a backyard tent or in the RV in the driveway to familiarize them with the feeling. Here are a few tips for spotting the best RV campgrounds in your region.

  • Do your research. Use a campground directory like Woodalls’ to narrow down your choices. The best RV campgrounds will have a five rating for facilities and no less than a four for amenities.
  • Call ahead. Get a feel for whether the campground staff are friendly and helpful. If they don’t seem to be either of those things, pass. Especially if it’s your first time, you’ll want RV parks that can answer your questions.
  • Look for a spot that has something special. The best RV parks are centered around some fantastic natural feature or have a particular theme.
  • Look for reviews and ask for suggestions. Other RVers will undoubtedly have suggestions, and reviews of a variety of RV parks are available online.

Tent, cabin, and Rv camping is a great experience that every family should have. Whether you do it in a tent, RV, or cabin, enjoy the chance to bond and learn a little more about your environment.

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