The Problem With paper


Datapro Gartner Group claims that twenty five percent of enterprise paper documents are lost. It is easy to misplace a paper document. You store it somewhere, and when you do not have to come back to it for a couple of years, you completely forget where you put it. Paper documents are easy to be misplaced and lost. A business card scanner can help to replace paper documents with a digital filing system.

The need for the business card scanner to replace paper documents is evident. Paper documents are easily lost, and the International Data Corporation says that a business with 1,000 knowledge workers uses six to twelve million dollars every year “searching for nonexistent information, failing to find existing information, or recreating information that cannot be found.”

Despite these facts, businesses still use paper documents. One survey that questioned 882 companies found that most businesses still rely on paper documents for legal reasons. This survey was released by the content management association AIIM in February.

Business card scanners and other portable scanners offer some benefits for filing that paper cannot compete with. A company that uses a business card scanner easily allows for papers to be consolidated and backed up. This includes common paper documents like business cards and hard copy receipts.

Electronic files that are stored using business card scanners also have a level of security that paper documents do not have. Such files cannot be touched by floods or fires, which has been a common problem over the centuries for preserving books and information.

Business card scanners can make filing information a lot easier. There are several positives to using them instead of paper documents. They are easier to find, more consolidated, and impervious to weather.

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