Three Ways to Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean

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It doesn’t matter if you use only the best professional makeup products. Your brushes are still going to get disgusting. Brushes are full of old makeup, dirt, oil, dead skin, and bacteria, and they’re not only making your look muddy, but opening you up to infection every time you start applying face makeup. Fortunately, you don’t need professional makeup supplies like special cleaners to keep your professional makeup brush set in top shape. Here, we’ll look at three ways to clean and care for your professional makeup brush set using products you probably have at home.

Method One: Good Old-Fashioned Bar Soap

It’s pretty basic. Massage your brushes against a bar of soap to work the cleanser deep into the bristles. Rinse with lukewarm water and wipe your brush on a paper towel before re-shaping the brush and allowing it to dry on a towel. Be cautions not to get the brush barrel wet, since this can cause the bristles to fall out.

Method Two: Get Sudsy

You can also use liquid dish soap or a gentle, clarifying shampoo. Pour a little on top of a clean sponge and then rub your brush on the surface, working up a lather. Again, rinse with lukewarm water, wipe with a towel, re-shape, and lay flat to dry.

Method Three: Deep Conditioning

Olive oil is actually a great way to clean smaller brushes and to condition the bristles. Submerge your brushes in the oil before rubbing them against a sponge. The caked-in product should come falling off. Rinse, re-shape, and let dry.

A Few Warnings:

  • Always lay the brushes flat to dry. Drying them standing up will cause water to seep down and damage the brush.
  • Make sure the brushes are 100% dry before using them again.
  • Wash your brushes every two weeks, except for your eyeliner brush. That one needs washing every day to really avoid infection.
  • If you carry your professional makeup brush set in a pouch, wash that periodically as well.

Keeping your brushes clean will keep your face from breaking out. Instead of throwing away old brushes and investing in an expensive new set, take steps to keep yours clean. Your wallet and your skin will thank you.

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