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the ding of ADC Paving and Pavement Maintenance makes the point in his YouTube video , ‘Asphalt Repair What to Do to Stay in the business of Paving Contractors’ that one main reason Amazon is able to attract such a huge customers is due to the extremely simple buying experience that potential customers and returning buyers have with the business. Customers might be able find specific products, or they can make comments and feedback.

Gray notes that asphalt contractors should use technology by investing in the right equipment and solutions which digitalize the process and help accelerate the expansion of the industry of asphalt repair exponentially. Also, it’s vital to let customers know about the online platform used by the firm to enable them to take quick purchasing and purchase decision.

It could also include Microsoft Illustrator and Pavement assessment programs. The tools will streamline the customer experience and process transactions and increase the marketability of the business. Gray directs customers to their website,, for any commercial paving needs.


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