Tips for Lawn Care Beginners – Home Improvement Videos

These suggestions come taken from Allyn Hane (creator of YouTube channel The Lawn Care Nut) when your lawn is less than perfect.

One of the first lawn care tips is to trim your lawn at least usually twice per week. It helps to strengthen the root system of grass which results in a more dense top growth and a greener lawn. Get a mower you love using. It will cost at least $300.

Another tip is to determine the size of the lawn’s square footage in feet. It’s important. This lets you determine how much fertilizer should be applied. Bags’ numbers indicate the amount of area that each bag will cover. Utilize organic fertilizer as it’s less likely to harm the grass, or other plants within your garden. If you are using a spreader for fertilizer make sure it is open to one third for the first pass. Open it up further to make the second pass using the spreader.

Each lawn has weeds. The appearance of weeds can be usually reduced through mowing. If you use a chemical weedkiller, you should use a ready-to-use product. 7psdpmicwq.

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