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Did you know that 55% of U.S. men and women prefer television news, and that nightly news broadcasts, on average, boast 7 to 10 million viewers? It is easy for headlines to proclaim that television news is dying, or dead, but the numbers simply do not add up. If anything, the numbers reaffirm that TV broadcasts are plowing right ahead, and taking big strides in a predominantly digital world. What can viewers get from TV news that they may not be able to get anywhere else, especially in Rochester, NY?


In an increasingly digital world, breaking headlines crop up every few seconds. This immediacy, however, leaves room for a considerable amount of inaccuracy and error. Webpages, especially social media sites with thousands, sometimes even millions, of contributors are more likely to spread misinformation and fake news. A user on one social media platform, in fact, began the rumor that American Airlines and JetBlue would be flying doctors to Haiti for free, to help assist with the 2010 earthquake relief efforts. Thousands of users circulated this information, which turned out to be completely and blatantly untrue.

Television news outlets, such as Rochester Channel 13, have much higher levels of accountability. Jason Fry of the Poynter Institute explains that traditional media, like TV broadcasts, explain, “…what we’re sure we know and how we know it, acknowledge and assess things that we’re hearing, and provide constant updates and cautions that what we think we know is changing rapidly.” It is clear. Rochester NY Channel 13, and other TV media groups, are upfront. These media groups are held liable for mistakes and misinformation, and take precautions to avoid them.

An Integrated News Experience

Did you know that a staggering 65% of Americans, ages 18 to 29, depend on the internet for the latest news? This may seem like bad news to television media, but that is not necessarily true. Instead of competing with the internet, Channel 13 rochester ny, and similar media groups, are using webpages as a means of complementing, and sometimes embellishing, on daily news broadcasts.

Rochester Channel 13’s official website, for example, provides a detailed breakdown of what viewers can expect to see on TV. The site also includes live traffic cams, weather and countdown widgets (only 23 days until Halloween!), and, of course, easy to navigate links for local, world, weather, sports, entertainment, and traffic news.

Don’t settle for less, when it comes to the news. Get the most accurate news, from responsible and accountable news sources, and tune into stations like Rochester Channel 13 for the best, and most complete, news experience.

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