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The stice system. A person may have the option of paying bail to get out of jail if they are suspected of being involved in a criminal act. In the video below, you will learn about bail bond as well as who’s eligible to pay it. The bail amount will be dependent on the specific charges which the defendant is facing. The defendant will be able to pay bail to get released from prison. Beyond the fact getting in jail can be gruelling but it also allows an accused person the opportunity to roam around freely and make a more convincing case for getting the charges dropped.

If a defendant cannot afford the bail cost, they might make use of the services of an approved bail bondsman. The bail may be paid in many ways. You could pay it yourself or have an individual from your family or a friend to help you pay. The defendant could even pledge collateral such as a vehicle or home. It’s a more risky option than using the bail bondman’s services.

Bail bondsmen will place bail for the person who is being charged. The defendant has to be responsible for a payment that’s non-refundable. Usually, it is 10 percent of the bail. To learn more watch the video above.


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