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In prisons that are based on wealth, the sentence isn’t allowed to swell. People who are able to pay the high bails enjoy the freedom, and those who do not want to stay in jail. The pretrial detentions are the main reason why the prison population is growing to an alarming rate.

This system allows an arrestee to be booked into the police station. In accordance with the degree of crime, the police may release the accused on bail or take them to court. After the judge has determined the amount for bail in cash of the defendant, relatives may reach out to bail bonding businesses who will pay the bail for them.

Before they are able to sign agreement to sign appearance bonds with the authorities, most bail firms offer 10% of any bail payments. If the defendant has attended all court proceedings without missing one, the bail bonding company files an application with the court asking for its funds to be returned. The court will conduct a bail search in order to establish the bail status of the defendant before it can discharge the order. The bail bonding firm receives the money it paid back, regardless of whether the defendant is found guilty.

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