What Does a Day in the Life of a Flower Delivery Driver Look Like? – Sky Business News

What’s living of people who make deliveries of flowers? The video gives an insight into the day-to-day life of floral delivery employees.

The narration is done by an actual delivery driver. In more rural areas it is often difficult to get flowers delivered on time due to the distances delivery personnel need to cover. Another issue to tackle is the weather. It is impossible to take flowers outdoors if the temperature is below 35 degrees. If the arrangement is of flowers they intend to distribute, then the temperature is even higher than this. In these situations the best choice is to disperse the arrangement to neighbours. A majority of people would accept this. There are times when the address for delivery is enough from the location that there isn’t anyone nearby to help with the plants or flowers. If this occurs it is the responsibility of the delivery driver to leave a note at the door. The florist is going to return them. You now know the day in the life of the flower delivery service similar to.


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