What to Expect from an Invisalign Treatment – Do I Need Braces?

It has been used for a considerable duration, yet despite their effectiveness and longevity, they’re beginning to look dated within the realm of. The advancements made in Invisalign treatment is saving the day.

The clear plastic “trays” can be made to fit the contours of their teeth. The trays eventually adjust their position. The trays are changed weekly and worn an average of 22 hours daily, and only taken off for meals. The same as braces is that they require you to brush your teeth after every meal in order to keep food from turning rotten. The bonus? You can get them removed whenever you’d like.

Do you have any negatives? Absolutely: for those who have gag reflex issues, Invisalign will not be very comfortable. Invisalign’s ability to be removed Invisalign can create a scenario that make it difficult to keep them on for a long time, as they may give the wearer a slight lisp or feel a bit odd on the teeth when speaking.

But, the benefits are far more important than those negatives. Invisalign offers a wonderful alternative to adjust your teeth with no hassles of maintaining braces or looking that metal is stuck to your teeth.


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