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Two men who asked to use the bathroom at Starbucks was taken into custody for discriminatory behaviour. This incident caused a lot of bad press for Starbucks. The company then shut down the entire chain during four hours to conduct diversity training. There is an increase in the diversity of employees. As retirement age increases many people would like to work in large companies. When a business is faced with challenges when it comes to diversity, this is because of subtle types of bias could be reflected in the organization structures. It is essential to keep the training for any issue in business throughout the years. It might not be sufficient to only train on a topic one time. With the number of social changes taking place, the odds that bias will continue to occur are significant. It’s simpler to recognize from biases that are consistent. These patterns may be biased against race, gender and religion, or sexuality. Diversity training is an important issue. There’s plenty to learn about. Watch this video to get more information. edm6bjebo7.

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