Why Phone Systems for Small Offices are Important

Phone system

Phone systems for small offices might sound like a no brainer, however there are many kinds of office phone systems that exist, and some are better or used more than others. It all depends on how integral phones are to the business in question, and what may seem important. There are quite a few different ways that phones can be utilized in the office. Since the first telephone call was made on March 10, 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell, phones have come a long way.

In May 1976, Kazuo Hashimoto, a prolific Japanese inventor with over 1,000 patents worldwide, first built a prototype of a caller ID display device that could receive caller ID information. Caller ID is a definite win situation in any type of company. It can come in handy with big or small businesses, though phone systems for small offices typically do not need such a feature.

Another great feature of telephone systems is of course the phone numbers. For businesses, being able to quickly switch or add numbers is necessary. The most expensive phone number ever to have been sold was 666 6666 and it sold for 2.7 million US dollars in Qatar for charity. It may be because of the superstitions involved with the number, and is certainly an interesting feature of phones, however that sort of thing may not be practical for an office.

The number 800-984-3672 showed up in the NBC mockumentary The Office, is a real number that is set up and which can be called. A fictional business called, WB Jones answers with a message. Another great example of how numbers can be used to a businesses advantage. They can be used to drum up excellent business and be used as gimmicks.

Phone numbers were made with letters attached because people were concerned that they would not be easy to remember after they became longer than four or five digits. That is of course not the case today, and numbers are used without worry. They are certainly a great thing to have around the office, and should be utilized as such. Reference links.

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