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r these automotive jobs with good pay. This article lists 10 top-paying positions in the automotive industry.
Job #1: Specialized Automotive Repair Shop

One of the most lucrative jobs for automotive technicians which pays well is the auto repair specialist. What separates this repair shop apart from regular repair shop is the type of car that you repair. The specialty shops usually work with high-end luxury cars. When you think of these types of shops, you should think about one like a Porsche or Mercedes Benz auto repair shop. You’ll need an in-depth training program to handle the cars. In most cases, the car manufacturer has specific standards which you must adhere to in working with these automobiles.

It is possible to complete duties like inspecting fixing, and maintaining the hybrid and gas-powered luxury vehicles. You may be able to offer a wide range of services depending on the size of the business. It is also possible to specialize in one area. It could be brakes, cooling or transmissions. For diagnosing and fixing issues in luxury vehicles You will have to know the intricate systems of these vehicles. It is your responsibility to decide which solutions to those problems and discuss them with the car owners for a smooth operation.

Job 2: General Automotive Body Garage

General auto body repairs are a different lucrative career in the field of automotive. When you work as working as a technician within an auto body shop you’ll be working on cars that are damaged, typically because of an accident. Some of your duties include taking the damaged components of the vehicle and replacing the damaged parts. You will buff out scratches, take out any dents, and repaint the exterior. In order to get the approval of customers, it is possible create an estimate and speak to them about the project. A computer program will create an exact, precise bill of the job will be completed.

You will use many different types of machinery and tools. This includes


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