3 Blogs Every Rochester, NY Resident Must Read

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Rochester, NY is a great city with much culture and history. George Eastman, founder of Eastman Kodak, formerly lived in Rochester and his gorgeous mansion is now a museum known as the “International Museum of Photography and Film.” Womens and civil rights advocate Susab B. Anthony also lived in Rochester. Her home, known as “The Susan B. Anthony House” dates back to 1866 and is the place where she was arrested in 1872. Her home now still hosts her furnishings and possessions, and has much like Eastman’s home, has been turned into a museum.

The city also offers a wide variety of locations offering attractions for those who enjoy fabulous restaurants and night life, neighborhoods surrounding Rochester areas such Park Avenue, the South Wedge, East Avenue, and Monroe Avenue are examples of such attractions. However, the city also features a lot of quality Rochester blogs, created and managed by the citizens of Rochester. The blogs Rochester has to offer play to audience of diverse interests, here’s a few that may interest you.

1. For individuals interested in all natural beauty products, ChicandGreenDaily.com is a blog that was created in 2007 and still goes strong today. Written by a female Rochester native with a mission to review quality natural skin care remedies, the blog as turned into much more today. The writer has a passion for sharing a love of green beauty, product reviews, and local artisan spotlights over the past 6+ years.

2. For travelers who frequently visit the city of Rochester, the Rochester Plaza Hotel blog may be quite interesting. The blog frequently posts updates about the events of Rochester hotels, local attractions, and cool ideas such as ideas for home decorating. The blog also features posts with various local sports updates, too.

3. Another one of the great blogs Rochester has to offer is the Rochester NY Pizza Blog. Rochester plays host to some truly amazing pizza joints. With these pizza shops featuring pizzas of diverse influences from all around the country, and the world, the Rochester NY Pizza Blog is perfect for pizza and food enthusiasts. The blog provides recent updates for local pizza shops and other restaurants, and frequently provides reviews.

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