Blogging Not As Complicated as You Might Think


Starting your own blog is easier than you might think. You do not need any special equipment or expertise. If you have internet access and can read and follow simple instructions, you can create a blog, even if you are asking, “What is a blog?”

A blog is an online log. The word blog is actually an abbreviation for weblog. The entries, or posts, show up in reverse chronological order, with the most recent on top. The format is basically an electronic version of a daily journal.

There are many websites available for anyone who would like to start a blog, and some that offer free blogs. Bloggers are able to design their own free blogs by choosing from various templates, styles and colors. Blogs provide information and opinions, and often contain links to other websites.

Blogs are interactive. Readers are able to leave comments, and blogs usually have a link or an email address where the blogger can be contacted. Simple to set up and oftentimes free blogs can be about any subject. There are blogs that are more or less personal diaries that are posted online, blogs that are political and some that are promotional. Blogs can be, and are, about virtually anything.

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