Fighting the Depression Battle with TMS Therapy

Transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy

Finding a successful depression treatment can sometimes feel like a battle, especially if your body is not responding to antidepressants. Tms therapy, or transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy, might be able to help individuals who are suffering from treatment resistant depression.

TMS therapy is a safe, effective treatment for depression. Tms for depression is an in office procedure that is administered for 40 minutes a day, four to six times a week. It can take several weeks before the treatment starts to take effect. The TMS treatment involves placing a treatment coil on the head, where it will generate a magnetic field. The magnetic field is believed to stimulate the brain and decrease signs and symptoms of depression in individuals.

Patients who are interested in seeking this type of depression therapy can visit a TMS Los Angeles specialist. The TMS Los Angeles specialist will ask questions regarding past depression treatments and even recommend that you undergo counseling in addition to the treatment. Once it has been determined that the form of depression you are experiencing is treatment resistant, the TMS Los Angeles specialist will make several appointments for you to undergo this therapy.
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