Dog Catches Babysitting Abuser: Four News Updates for Charleston

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Did you know that the oldest living thing east of the Rockies is the Angel Oak tree on John’s Island, Charleston? It’s estimated to be about 1,500 years old. If you are looking for Charleston news, there is always a lot going on. Several local stations continue to report on the latest updates in the region. Here are three headlines for this week that might interest you.

1. Body Found in Mount Pleasant is Missing Man

William Alexander Apps, a college student, was declared missing early on Monday, and later in the day the sheriff’s office arrested 19 year old Jquan Scott. Scott has been charged with armed robbery, kidnapping, murder, and possession of a firearm, according to ABC 2 news. The body was then found and confirmed to be that of Apps, who died of a gunshot wound. The local newspaper, The Hilton Head, reports that Apps had been trying to sell a pickup truck on Craigslist, and it’s possible that this is how the killer came across him.

2. The Latest Weather for Charleston SC

According to News Channel 2, anticipated hurricane Karen has dissipated in a remnant low. The storm is expected to continue along a northeastern path as it leaves the Gulf of Mexico. Weather for Charleston SC conditions overall are expected to improve over the weekend, with increasing sunshine and highs in the upper 70s. The heaviest rain is anticipated to stay offshore.

3. More Bank Deposits Made

According to new Channel 2, deposits are on the upswing in the Charleston area, and banks saw their coffers grow by more than $200 million. Half of the increase was with Huntington National Bank, and president Andy Paterno credits the increase to a better company approach to customers. After hearing about how customers dislike the fee structures associated with checking accounts, the company introduced a “no fee” fee free checking account type.

4. Family Dog Catches Abuser

Trust a dog’s instincts. In Charleston, a couple’s dog helped identify their baby’s abuser. They hired 22 year old Alexis Khan to watch their child, then noticed the dog becoming increasingly protective when Khan came to watch the boy. According to WSB Channel 2, they placed an iPhone under a couch to observe the babysitter, and found that she had been cussing and slapping their baby when he cried. Khan has pleaded guilty and will serve 1-3 years.

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