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Ok, let me start out by saying that I am a huge news junkie, so you cannot say you have not been warned. To say that I love the news is putting it mildly. If I could, I would have a chip implanted in my brain that would give me a constant news feed.

Imagine having all sorts of news channels running through your brain. You can switch from 13 News Orlando to Houston Channel 2, then go over to see what is on Channel 8 News Reno or Channel 2 News Tulsa. It would just be fantastic.

Now of course, we realize that it is not possible to connect directly to 13 News Orlando via brain waves, but you can check in on what 13 News Orlando is reporting at nearly any time of day. Just go on over to the 13 News Orlando website and you will be reading the top news stories of the day in no time.

The 13 News Orlando site, as well as the news on 6 Tulsa sites are just the tip of the iceberg of news stations that feature news on their sites. I really do not know if these sites, such as the 13 News Orlando site were developed as an addition to the regular broadcast or as a stand alone news source for junkies like me. I mean, I can be watching my local news stations such as KTVU Channel 2 News on my television, while reading the latest stories on the 13 News Orlando site. Talk about having the best of both worlds!

And what is better than getting the weather from around the country? I always know how great the weather is in Florida because the 13 News Orlando site is in my bookmark list. That goes for finding out about the weather for Charleston SC or Portland, and even Chicago. And I never miss finding out about the latest local sports scores from these news sites as well.

So there you have it. I get my fix of the news each and every day by tuning into 13 News Orlando, and all my other favorites.

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