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Cells are utilized in every day routine, but many aren’t aware of what they are. Youtube Video “What is a Load Cell?” This video will explain it all by using examples from daily living that everyone can grasp. Let’s find out more!

The load cell is a basic force gauge. It’s made up of a transducer which produces an electrical signal that has a magnitude proportional to the amount of force placed on. There are four kinds of load cells that are commonly used including hydraulic, pneumatic capacitance, strain gauge.

It is a reference to the fact that a pneumatic load cells deals with air pressure, and the type that is used has an elastic diaphragm that is attached to a flat surface that the load will be placed, so it can be monitored. Additionally, it has an air regulator which regulates the air pressure going into the meter. There’s also the pressure gauge too. The load cells that are pneumatic apply a weight to compressed air or gas to ensure it is balanced, and will determine the precise number.

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