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Accounting is actually fascinating. They are fascinating. look at the history of accounting in this post.

The short video “Brief history of accounting” reveals that the earliest method, or style of accounting, was invented by Luca Pacioli in the period of Renaissance. Pacioli wrote a work that is seen as the basis for modern day accounting, with a lot of words which we employ today come from this text. Although his version of accounting could look slightly more different from what we have in the present, there’s the fact that it was Pacioli who invented this field.

The 1800s saw the beginning of a new phase within the accounting profession in England. The documentary explains that in Scotland accountants sought the permission of the queen to grant them legal rights in area of accounting. We see this in the contemporary accounting forms. In the beginning it was a legal reason to consider yourself an accountant.

Accounting is a highly skilled job that demands high numbers of math and knowledge of finance. It’s fascinating to discover what it was like when this fundamental aspect of modern business was created.


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