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The Amaha motorcycles are among the most popular among the motorcycles of North America. Torakusu Yamaha established Yamaha in Japan’s late 19th century. The company was originally a manufacturer of organs but it was not until 1955 that it began manufacturing motorcycles. Yamaha also produced a new motorcycle in 1957 following the initial became so popular.

In 1973, the Yamaha RD350 was released. It was powerful and stood out. The first single-shock reduction Yamaha motorbike was developed in 1975.

Yamaha decided to create Yamaha Moto Corporation USA in 1977. The idea was to differentiate the motor vehicle manufacturing as well as musical instruments. Yamaha experienced a shift in the direction they were focusing on following the 2000s’ arrival. Their new goal was upgrading present models.

It was an important year for Yamaha since it was the year when they released the R1 and the R1M. Both models had modern electronics and magnesium components, and were fitted with today’s technological advances. Yamaha also released the R3 which was made to be in competition with Honda as well as Kawasaki.

The history of Yamaha is lengthy and rich. These are some of its most memorable moments.


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