How Are Vehicle Safety Ratings Tested? – Your Oil

This is because car crashes happen frequently. A majority of these accidents aren’t fatal. However, they may be a serious threat to your car and money. The safety rating of your vehicle is something that you might be familiar with. What is the method by which they are tested? In this short video it will explain what safety ratings are used to determine.

It is essential to understand that safety ratings are provided through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Safety ratings are managed by the agency. The tests involve crash dummies that are placed through crash simulations from diverse perspectives. There are three kinds of crashes: a head-on, rollover, and the side. The force that is exerted on the abdomen and head in each type of crash can be measured. These tests are utilized to determine the extent of damage caused within the vehicle. There are many tests that are carried out for a precise number. All the data is compiled into a singular amount at the bottom. This is the safety score you have earned. It ranges from one to five stars. Five stars are the safest.


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