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Don’t be afraid if you face charges of drug possession. The charge is basically an accusation. It is distinct from a conviction. There are several things to consider when evaluating drug possession charges. One thing about drug charges is that the prosecutor needs to provide evidence of the offender’s identity. Thus, they must prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that the person being accused actually was the person who was who was in possession of the drugs. If the accused was traveling in a vehicle or at home with others, it can make it difficult to determine the identity of the accused.

The defendant should remember that prosecutions must show that they were in possession of the substance. This is because these kinds of cases can prove difficult for the prosecution to win when the defendant was in someone else’s home or vehicle when such substances were discovered. It is the same even if it was in the victim’s home. An entry by a relative delivery or repair person may cast some doubt on the circumstances. a6tgnsefps.

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